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Sep 25 2012

by the numbers.

This year, I’m teaching 1st grade at a charter school that has taken over PreK – 3rd grade at the lowest performing elementary school in Tennessee.

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Aug 24 2012


1. The power went out right after breakfast, and naturally everyone had an “emergency”, so my co-teacher took students to the bathroom with a flashlight while I taught.

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Jun 12 2012

making year 2 matter.

I’m rewriting my vision and classroom over the summer, and I’d love some input from veteran TFAers about resources.

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I broke a lot of promises this year.

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Feb 05 2012

too small to overcome

There’s really no ┬áreason for my silence over the past two months, except that I haven’t been proud of what has happened in my classroom since Christmas break.

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Dec 20 2011

we’re not alone.

I think one of the hardest things about teaching is feeling like I am alone.

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Dear Adonis Thomas and Santa, Thank you.

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We’re talking about weather in science. “Miss M, how come you can draw such good raindrops?” – DS “It’s cause she went to college!” – MC

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Nov 16 2011

i will be a hummingbird.

I will do the best I can. Mantra for the week. The month. The year. Fantastic conference this week, but I’m too tired to write it all up. But after a brutal week, I feel reenergized and excited to get back to school tomorrow. I’ve spent the last several days re-prioritizing some things in my…

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Oct 29 2011

new school.

My new school is tough.

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