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Mar 21 2011


Right now, Mondays are dedicated to teaching.

Which I am, of course, loving. This morning, I volunteered at a school for students aged 18-21 enrolled in our city and county schools and designated as special education. It’s a great program that prepares students for what comes after high school, whether it’s work or continuing their education. A friend and I spent two and a half hours working with the students at their job sites this morning. Even though they’re considerably older than my students will be next year, it’s still a lot of fun and quite a learning experience.

I’ve only got one class on Mondays, a 3-hour education lecture. It’s my first and only education class of my college career, and I am learning much, much more than I expected. The focus is one working with minority, low-income, and disabled students – all underrepresented populations in education. It’s mildly terrifying – I’m the only senior in the class and the only student about launch full-fledged into teaching, so I feel like I’m in overdrive processing the readings and lectures and spitting out response papers about what these practices will look like in MY classroom. Because, that’s right, I’ve got a classroom next year. Yikes.

I’ve got much more important things to be doing than blogging (like the documentary film due in 23 days), but I’ve got the senioritis bug BAD. My life is becoming more and more teaching-centric. Less than 7 weeks until graduation, and three between then and Memphis!

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  1. heikemarie

    I’m having terrible senioritis pains as well. Today, instead of outlining a chapter on my thesis, I wrote out a countdown (days till finals, till graduation, till Institute…). Oops!

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