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Nov 29 2011

things you learn in college, according to kk.

We’re talking about weather in science.

“Miss M, how come you can draw such good raindrops?” – DS

“It’s cause she went to college!” – MC

I actually missed my kids over Thanksgiving break. I wondered how MH celebrated her birthday (she got $12). I worried that they wouldn’t all get Thanksgiving dinner. I hoped the power stayed on and no one got a whooping and everyone got plenty to eat.

I think they are finally feeling like mine. I think we are making progress towards our “Star Student Qualities.” I had 9 Excellents in conduct today, 6 Satisfactorys, and 4 Needs Improvements. One of those NI’s earned his free time back by completely changing his attitude after lunch. I was so, so proud.

Today was a good day with some minor bumps and minor triumphs. One girl drove me up the wall and I sent her to another class. I talked to my CMA from this summer (J is an absolute baller) and she told me I had to commit to not yelling. If that means I remove myself or a student from a situation, so be it.

I really liked teaching today :)

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  1. CY

    I like that you liked teaching! We need to hang out soon.

    • hill

      yes. this weekend. and no teacher talk :)

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