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Dec 11 2011

adonis thomas and santa, i love you.

Dear Adonis Thomas and Santa,

Thank you.

Adonis, thank you for making a 4.0 at the high school my kids will attend. Thank you for saying you will stay at U of M until you have a degree because even though basketball means a lot to you, you know education matters, too. Thank you for reenergizing me and showing me kids from my neighborhood are perfectly capable of greatness. I need to look at my kids every day and see their potential for greatness.

And Santa. Thank you for absolutely terrifying my kids in to good behavior. Thank you (fantastic older brother) for answering the phone and talking to MC about his behavior on Friday. Thank you for inspiring such enthusiasm in my children and reminding me that despite their anger and defiance, they are still 5-year-old children and they need me to love them more than anything.


Miss M

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  1. Kurt (Community Manager)

    Congratulations, your post has been featured on the Teach For Us homepage!

  2. Anna

    I’m at 2007 Memphis alum, and Adonis was my student in my first year at Melrose High School. He is truly an inspiration. I am SO glad to hear that he is still using his talents for good. He is one of those students that I will never forget, and I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to be his teacher.

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