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Feb 05 2012

too small to overcome

There’s really no ┬áreason for my silence over the past two months, except that I haven’t been proud of what has happened in my classroom since Christmas break.

It is amazing how much venom I can spew at five-year-olds.

It is amazing how much venom my principal can spew at me.

And I still love teaching; I absolutely do. I love planning lesson for my kids and I love watching them grow. Giving the DRA after Christmas had me absolutely ecstatic about the growth my kids had and inspired to plan meaningful lessons that I know will put the on the trajectory of reaching our big goals.

But I have become a firm believer that the education system is not failing because of teachers – or most of us. This system does not allow us to play to our strengths. It locks us into mediocrity because God forbid we should deviate from a curriculum map or fail to get our students their three episodes of Headsprout a week. My principal is so overwhelmed with the TEM that she can’t see straight and takes out her anger on anyone who happens to cross her path. How can she lead our school with the patience and practicality that she needs when she is constantly told that if we don’t make significant gains this year (her second), her career is over?

There are just so many big things that I feel way, way too small to overcome.

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  1. Allison G.


  2. Mom

    And Amen, my precious daughter! Your gift and passion are amazing! The education world is lucky to have you!

  3. Though it sounds crazy, you’re head is in a good place, and you are doing good things, and Memphis needs you, and your path is a good one.

    • I teach English. I just published the wrong your. Sigh.

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