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Jun 12 2012

making year 2 matter.

I’m rewriting my vision and classroom over the summer, and I’d love some input from veteran TFAers about resources.

Something I really struggled with was creating a positive classroom culture. I yelled far too much, and though I improved by the end of the year, there’s still a lot of room to get better. I want to be a more motivational and positive presence in my first-grade classroom. Anyone have resources, books (beyond Teach Like a Champion), etc. that you’d recommend as I rewrite my vision and my classroom management plan?


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  1. Ms. Math

    definitely go to TFAnet and post this question in the appropriate content community. There will be experienced mentors and a paid leader who spend hours pouring through resources of this type!
    PS I was leader for secondary calc and precalc and am not sure what to suggest to you.

  2. The book “Teaching with Love and Logic” was a sanity saver early in my teaching career.

    • I second Parus’s recommendation. Teaching with Love and Logic is the best book I’ve found on teaching.

      Also, subscribe to smartclassroommanagement.com for great tips every week.

  3. HOU '08

    Check out Teaching with Love and Logic–it helps you stay calm & rational. We used this book at my current K-1 school for professional development.

  4. Rebbeca

    I just finished reading Beyond Discipline. I like it’s approach to creating a community of students who had ownership over their classroom!

  5. hill

    Thank y’all so much for these suggestions! I can’t wait to get started.

    • You might also want to check out Ruby Payne’s “A Framework for Understanding Poverty.” It’s not a classroom management resource per se, and it’s not a perfect book by any means, but it can be useful to get started thinking about the differences between the behavioral expectations of the average public school, and the behavioral expectations of many students’ home environments.

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