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Sep 25 2012

by the numbers.

This year, I’m teaching 1st grade at a charter school that has taken over PreK – 3rd grade at the lowest performing elementary school in Tennessee.

44 – number of 3rd graders

0- number of 3rd graders reading on grade level

12 – number of 3rd graders reading on a kinder level

8 – number of 3rd graders reading on a PreK level

2 – number of students of the 200+ new to our charter who read on grade level


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  1. Susan

    You go get ‘em Miss M! No where to go but UP! And what a great boost they’re getting in 1st grade with you!

  2. meghank

    You didn’t mention that a large number of students in that neighborhood are recent immigrants and English Language Learners, which may explain why it takes them a few years to catch up on reading skills.

    Also, that the charter organization that took them over is Christian-based, which has scared off many of the Muslim immigrants who formerly attended and loved that school.

    • hill

      I’m happy to respond to many of your concerns. Yes, there were many ELL students at the school previously, and many have returned this year. However, ELL students still made up a minority of the population of the school, meaning that the majority of students spoke English at home as a first language and still did not perform on grade level.

      Additionally, the school has an ESL teacher who has worked in the community for many years. Unfortunately, rumors were spread in the community that the school would have a Christian-based curriculum, which was categorically untrue. It’s very disappointing that someone would take advantage of the parents’ lack of knowledge about the public school system, i.e. that religious teaching is unconstitutional, to swing opinion in their favor. Still, many Muslim parents opted to keep their students at our charter school and have been very pleased with the results.

      Regardless, I am proud of the educational opportunities that the students of our neighborhood are now receiving.

      If you have any more questions, I would be more than happy to respond via e-mail.

  3. Buffie

    They are so very lucky to have you as their teacher!! I know they will be inspired….

  4. CJK

    Don’t stop believing!

  5. Aunt Sally

    You can do it! Hang tough and be strong!

  6. Jennifer

    keep up the good work!

    and remember, haters gone hate.

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